Berk’s Top 10 Mobile Games


Meet Berk

Berk Tatlises is co-founder and CTO leading the development for the Coda Platform. As a developer and avid gamer, he took a moment to share with us his Top 10 Favourite Mobile Games. Take a read below and discover a new game worth playing!

Mini Metro

In Mini Metro, you're responsible for designing a subway map for a growing city. The graphics are simple but authentic to a true subway map design and the game gets more complex as the city grows and new stations open up. I like the game because I can never get better at it, but I still keep playing it rigorously. Just like FTL: Faster Than Light. 

Super Mario Run

Although being the first Nintendo title on mobile, it was an excellent execution from Day 1. Based on the Nintendo classic, players tap to guide Mario and other favourite characters through platform-style levels. I wasn't expecting it to be so fun, but in fact it’s so good that it made me pay for the full version in 15 mins after downloading the game. I’ve played it all over and over and over...

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Can nonsense be fun and satisfying? This is insane, this is surreal. I’m constantly completing the same limited amount of tasks but since I’m interacting with other people, including the NPCs and it gives me the joy so much. Everyone is so happy in this world. Not that this is a temporary thing for me, I’ve been playing this franchise (a Nintendo interpretation for franchise) since first generation of Nintendo DS came out.

Rope Rescue

Other than this one, without discussion, deserving the made-up title by myself “One of the Greatest Games on Mobile Ever”, the single reason it being one of my favourites is that it’s the first game my 7 year old nephew, and at the same time a BFF, told me: “I cannot believe this game has been produced by you! [CODA]” and played it nonstop for 2 hrs long.

Shinsekai Into the Depths

Go play the game. Mesmerising. In this underwater exploration game, mankind is forced to take refuge underwater as the land above freezes over. You control your Aquanaut as he navigates the depths of the oceans to uncover others living below. You'll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play and if not, don't worry - there's a one month free trial available!

Merge Faces

A fun 2048 spinoff, except this time you have get satisfaction and fun of merging faces! 

It’s a favourite because I’ve written the original code of the game and then a seasoned game developer went through it by request and offered me his services for free. He told me: “Let me just start from scratch and deliver it in 3 days”. And he did : ) Feel free to guess how long it took me.



I can’t hold my smile back when thinking about this one! Same situation with Shinsekai, an Apple Arcade title. It’s different and it’s something you won’t expect to be out there. A game with a golf-mechanic you won't have seen before, letting you golf just about anything - from houses, to dogs, to lamps and more... it includes challenges which don’t even make sense, super fun!

Tennis Clash: Game of Champions

Finally! A mobile game with a great user experience with game controls and mechanics. The game has great 3D visuals and you can even play with friends in real-time. This is the first digital tennis game I’ve played for days long. Is it weird that I feel proud of it being a mobile game?

Pokemon GO

I generally pretend to be cool/authentic/genuine/different, even though yeah it’s what you’ve guessed. At age 33, this game made me go out, walk for miles long, not talking about 2-3 miles but 10-15 almost every day for 3 weeks long. I’ve ran into young engineers on the road, the ones I was leading at the company I was part of then, couldn’t explain myself. At age 36, I still can’t.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach let's you play with millions of players, as you battle and raid enemy bases for control of resources and land. 

I've spent around £150 for in app purchases, adding this game to the list with the hope that somehow one day I can get a refund for promoting it. It’s Supercell, you cannot say no to them : )

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