Our Top 5 Mobile Games to Keep You Entertained

Mobile games are a fantastic way to pass the time. Whether you’re on the way to work or in between appointments, as you hopefully will be again soon or stuck at home in isolation: an engaging mobile game is always a welcome distraction.

Here at Coda, we get to test and play a lot of different games (one of the many perks of the job) and we asked our Product Manager, Emre, to share his Top 5 Mobile Games guaranteed to keep you entertained!

Meet Emre

Emre Colakoglu is one of our talented product managers helping to expand and build the Coda Platform. As a developer and avid gamer, he took a moment to share with us his Top 5 Games to keep you entertained. Take a read below and discover a new game worth playing!

Machinarium is probably my favourite puzzle game on mobile! A point and click adventure puzzle game (pioneered in Monkey the Secret of Monkey Island and many other games by Ron Gilbert). The game has an amazing art style and sound FX art by Amanita Design based in Brno, Czechia. They have an upcoming game called Creaks scheduled to be released this year. I’m very much looking forward to it!

This was the first ever tower defense game I played on mobile - an instant classic! Great level design and artwork which brings a new dimension to the tower defense genre. 

I am also a big fan of the sequels Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Vengeance developed by Ironhide Studio based in Uruguay.

Amazing black and white 2D platform puzzle game with bizarre characters and an incredible narrative. You control a young boy navigating through a black and white environment. Limbo gets complicated in its second half where you need to get smarter about solving mechanical puzzles. The sound is fantastic too.

This is a physics based unusual golf parody that's full of surprises. It uses the golf mechanic but instead of your average golf ball, you’ll be driving and putting random objects… from cars, to birds and even full houses! So much fun! 

This game is a great spaceship simulation where you become the captain of a spaceship and adventure through space. The simple graphics and insane complexity made me a huge fan of this game - definitely worth a try!

So there you have it, five new mobile games for you to try out that are guaranteed to help you pass the time and keep you entertained. If you’re working on a game that you think will be a new favourite in the market, submit your game idea on our platform here!

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