Introducing Our New Market Intelligence Tool

At Coda, our goal always has been and always will be to unlock the full potential of each of our studio partners by supporting and optimizing their games through each step of the odyssey that is publishing a successful mobile game.

One key challenge we know of from speaking to hundreds of game creators is that it is really hard to work out which game ideas, mechanics, arts styles and other elements they should be choosing to create their next game, particularly in an industry where the trends can change on a weekly basis. With that in mind, we’re proud to share with you, our studio partner, our latest product offering that we hope you will find helpful, addictive and inspiring when thinking about your next game.

Introducing the new Coda Market Intelligence tool

As a user of the Coda platform, we’d like to invite you to try our new significantly upgraded market intelligence tool. With the tool you can browse over 10,000+ games, their lookalikes, their relations to game mechanics and top performers, all of the information we think is relevant to achieving one thing: understanding what the next big thing is.

The tool consists of 5 different sections:

  • Prelaunch
  • New Releases
  • Top Charts
  • Trending Mechanics
  • Discover


Prelaunch is great for getting insights into what other players in the market are up to, what they’re testing and which tests are succeeding or failing.

New Releases

This is a great place to see which relevant games are just being release and to spot new rising stars.

Trending Mechanics

We use our own automatic tagging system to identify changes in the market from the perspective of game mechanics, so you’ll be able to see how mechanic trends change over time and what the top games of those mechanics are.


After manually tagging hundreds of games ourselves, we’ve scaled those efforts into a machine learning model that can predict the games available in the market and keep our database of tagged games growing through time. We were so impressed with the results that we decided to share it with you, our development partners. You’ll be able to filter every hyper casual game available in the market by their core and secondary mechanics, dimensions, video types, styles and themes.

So step on up and start discovering. We believe this is a huge step forward for game discovery and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Discover our Market Intelligence tool on the Coda Platform

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