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Coda’s First Foray into Word Games with Launch of Words Tour: Pop Word Stacks

With much of the world now in lockdown, it is no surprise that we’ve seen a 20% rise in the popularity of puzzle games as people seek out ways to keep their mind’s entertained whilst off work. 

At Coda, we’ve been busy working on one such exciting new puzzle game, Words Tour: Pop Word Stacks, which is our first venture in the world of word games.

This brand new, addictive word-based brain training game is available in multiple languages and requires players to swipe to reveal hidden words and to crash the word stacks down in order to complete the level. The first stages are easy to negotiate, but the game gets more challenging as the player progresses through the levels, of which there are over 2000 to master.

Unlike many standard word puzzle games, this is word play with a twist. In addition to being hidden amongst other letters, words may appear backwards or may only be revealed once a stack has been crashed, allowing the correct letters to move into place. There are hints and tips along the way.There is also an option to share progress with friends via Instagram, a great option for when players are struggling to find a word and need to call in some assistance. 

When players get well and truly stuck, they can use the Spyglass, Light Bulb or shuffle to keep the game moving and can earn rewards when they find extra words. To add a bit of visual diversity as they progress through the game different background themes can be unlocked as they play. 

Despite being our first word game release, we are already seeing D1 retention of 40% and with 40% of revenue generated from IAPs, we’re excited to see how Words Tour: Pop Word Stacks will perform in the coming weeks. 

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