Up your pottery skills with Pot Master 3D

Ever wanted to take a pottery class but didn’t want to get your hands dirty? Or perhaps you want to learn how to make pottery and stringent COVID-19 restrictions are stopping you! Coda can help with that. Introducing Coda’s latest release to the app stores, Pot Master 3D - a visually dynamic game that will have you mastering pottery in no time!

Pot Master 3D is a fantastic game allowing even the most novice of potters to create beautiful pieces of pottery with the swipe of a finger. The perfect game to relax and pass the time (especially in these quarantine times), players advance through levels by moulding their clay to fit the shape on screen. 

At the time of publishing, Coda’s latest game has already hit Top 5 Games in the U.S and sits at #2 in the Family genre. Try it out for free today on the App Store!

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