Introducing a Self-Serve Testing Platform for Hyper-Casual Games

Automatically test your games and game ideas, for free.

At Coda, we are working on building a platform that empowers game developers of all sizes to make a living doing what they love. The mobile gaming ecosystem has grown so much over the past few years. On one hand, this means there is a greater demand for hyper-casual games, but it also poses additional complexities for game developers. Having the skills to develop a high-quality game is by no means sufficient to be successful.

Hyper-casual is fast and constantly evolving. Publishing your next game is dependent on whether you can keep up with the trends. How fast can you spot demand in the market? Our Market Intelligence dashboard was introduced to help developers at this first stage by giving them a consolidated view into the latest market data and trends. We’ve seen that successful hyper-casual game developers are quick to ideate, prototype and test.

While this is all well and good, we also realized that developers are limited when it comes to testing. The nature of the hyper-casual space is not conducive to testing quickly. The process generally requires developers to fill out forms or submit applications to be considered by publishers. Then, only when approved do they have the opportunity to test their games. 

In Coda’s most recent attempt to break down the barriers for hyper-casual game developers, we are introducing Self-Serve Testing.

Coda’s Self-Serve Testing platform lets developers directly upload their gameplay video and run their own marketability test. Not only does the platform make testing more accessible, it also automates the process. Once developers upload their gameplay video, their test campaign is automatically created, and the results are shared upon completion of the test. The result? Developers can create, test, iterate faster. 

At Coda, we want developers to focus on building high-quality games. That’s why we take care of everything else, including testing costs. In order to ensure that the test is effective, our team shares best practices for creating your gameplay video, funds and manages your test campaign, and offers tips on iterating and building out your game.

Coda is available to all hyper-casual game developers and studios. By enabling testing at scale, the Coda platform offers a faster-track to publishing. It makes it possible for developers to focus their resources on building games that have proven to be marketable. 

Discover Coda's Self-Serve Testing Platform

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