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Introducing the Coda Partner Program

Delivering hit game ideas to hyper-casual developers

The speed of hyper-casual is not news to anyone in the industry. And, as it continues to gain momentum, it’s pushing game developers to be smarter, more efficient, and more strategic. So, it’s no surprise that 3 in 4 developers are in search of good game ideas. This first step tends to be the limiting factor for hyper casual developers. We know many developers have the skills to produce high-quality gameplay, but publishing is largely dependent on finding the right game idea at the right time.

Based on Coda’s market intelligence data, only 3.5% of prototypes are actually marketable.

Since we know that publishing a hit game should not be a game of luck, we are taking the guesswork out of the entire process to enable talented developers and increase their chances of publishing.

The Coda Partner Program

The Coda Partner Program offers select studios access to the most marketable game ideas each week. We do the research to identify concepts that have the potential to perform really well in the market. The game concepts that we share with our partner studios are likely to achieve a CPI below $0.20, setting them up for success. 

In order to streamline the process further, the latest hit game concepts are made available directly on the Coda platform, so that partner studios can start prototyping right away. The Coda Games team also provides best practices and feedback to make sure developers test and iterate as quickly as possible. 

How Coda Identifies Hit Game Ideas

If you are familiar with our Market Intelligence dashboard, you know that we keep track of all hyper-casual games in the market, sharing insights on trending mechanics and chart-topping games. Coda’s technology automatically tags all hyper-casual games with the genre and gaming mechanics. It’s then able to consolidate and analyze all market data to detect signals of demand in the market. Our Games team uses these signals to make predictions and test high-potential game concepts. 

And as a result, we’re able to share proven (to be marketable) game concepts with our partner studios. 

Hit Game Ideas Make Chart-Topping Games

We expect our partner studios to know how to build a good game. But, when it comes to foreseeing and predicting what hyper-casual players will love today, that’s a completely different ball game. With a full view of all hyper-casual games in the market, Coda's AI-powered technology has the power to more systematically and effectively make predictions on what the next hit game will be. As we continue to invest in the ideation stage of game development, the Coda Partner Program promises to deliver the most marketable game ideas that give you the best chance at publishing a hit game. 

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