Coda’s Latest Release Police Quest Hits Top Charts

Ever wanted to experience what it would be like to be a police officer? Now you can take the law into your own hands with Coda’s latest title, Police Quest. This 3D hyper-casual game is packed with a tonne of mini-games inside, challenging you to a new style of game with every level!

Starting as a police officer, it is the player’s objective to pass through each level and test their skills in law enforcement. As they progress each level, they increase their standing from Police Officer to Sherrif, Sheriff to Agent and so on. Setting a different pace to your average hypercasual game, Police Quest is packed with mini games changing in every level. From target practice, highway patrol, cleaning trooper cars, sorting doughnuts a more, you’ll be tested on your tap timing, aim and memory abilities!

What makes this achievement so special is that Police Quest was actually a concept that hailed from the Coda Partner Program. Arcadian Lab identified the concept for Police Quest on the concept store and after testing the initial prototype, saw great results. From there they collaborated with Coda’s gaming experts to produce the hit title now climbing charts. 

Thanks to a great collaboration with Arcadian Lab, Police Quest has already seen great success. At the time of publishing, the title has risen through the charts in less than one week to #3 in the US iOS Games! 

Try it out for free today on the App Store!

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