Staff Picks: Sarah from Marketing’s Top 5 Mobile Games

Meet Sarah

Sarah is one of our content managers at Coda and is in charge of helping to bring informative and interesting resources to developers. As a marketer and gamer, she took a moment to share with us her Top 5 Favourite Mobile Games. Take a read below and discover a new game worth playing!

Helix Jump


This game was published in 2018 by Voodoo and remains one of my favourite mobile games. When first playing it immediately reminded me of one of those maze pens that I used to have as a kid, where you would twist the pen around to guide the ball through the maze. Helix Jump is like this but vertical and tests your timing skills as the ball is consistently jumping. 100% would recommend playing if you haven’t yet!

Temple Run

Imangi Studios

There’s something about ‘Swerve’ mechanic games that I’ll never get tired of and Temple Run is one of them. Hailing from the Candy Crush era, Temple Run was a favourite in my teens and continues to be now. I instantly feel like Indiana Jones every time I play this and get obsessed with trying to get further than my previous score. Not to mention that weird cave monkeys chasing you also add to the entertainment.

Mr Gun


Mr Gun is one of those addicting games that are incredibly simple in design. At first glance, you would think that you might lose interest with the repetitive aim-and-fire mechanic. However, the studio's clever inclusion of different mafia bosses at the end of every level and the chance to unlock new more powerful weapons are what keeps you advancing through every level. A great example of a simple game mechanic done right!

Among Us

Innersloth LLC

It seems like everyone these days is talking about Among Us... and with good reason! If you haven't played this game yet, I'd highly recommend installing it right now. In a spaceship floating through space, you join the rest of your crew members (live players) in attempting to prepare the ship for departure with a set of mini tasks. But beware as there is an imposter on board whose objective is to sabotage and murder everyone involved!

This live multiplayer game requires teamwork, especially in emergency meetings as you try to identify who is the imposter. I'm either left laughing or shaking my head as I deliberate in the chat room on who the imposter could be. It's a fresh new pace for mobile games so if you haven't already, do yourself a favour and try this game.

Tiny Wings

Andreas Illiger

My brother introduced me to this game years ago when it first came out and I remember spending hours trying to beat my own high score. If you liked Dune from Voodoo, then you'll love Tiny Wings. 

As a bird, you wake up and fly by holding down the screen and creating a liftoff from each rolling hill. As you fly, the night is quickly approaching and it's game over if it reaches you. The best aspect of this game is the satisfaction of timing a takeoff perfectly and getting powerups with each perfect consecutive jump. A classic game that's simple and entertaining!

So there you have it, five new mobile games for you to try out that are guaranteed to help you pass the time and keep you entertained. If you’re working on a game that you think will be a new favourite in the market, submit your game idea on our platform here!

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