2020 Wrap Up: Top Articles of the Year

2020 has been a year to remember for many, particularly in hyper-casual, from COVID-19 spurring unprecedented growth and Apple disrupting how we track users in advertising. At Coda, we continuously kept you up to date throughout the year on the latest industry news and best practices in hyper-casual.

Keep reading as we recap the Top 5 most popular Coda articles read by hyper-casual developers in 2020.

#1 - What iOS 14 will mean for Hyper-casual Gaming

The notorious data-privacy measures are set to disrupt the way in which advertisers track and target users. 

The new changes will pose challenges for hyper-casual gaming, particularly in Monetization and User Acquisition. So what changes can we expect to see and more importantly, what can mobile game developers do to prepare?

#2 - Masterclass #1: How to lower your CPI

When it comes to publishing a hyper-casual game, half the challenge can be meeting the benchmark requirements of publishers. 

In our first instalment of our new Masterclass series, we’ll explore how developers can lower their CPI through engaging game design and effective gameplay videos.

#3 - Navigating Mobile Game Publishing Contracts

One of the key aspects of a publishing contract is the condition of exclusiveness. So is exclusivity in mobile game publishing as negative as it seems or are there pros to an exclusive agreement between you and a publisher? 

We explore where exclusivity stands in the current hyper-casual environment and how to protect yourself when moving forward with a contract. 

#4 - 5 Common Mistakes that Hyper-casual Developers Make

Hyper-casual game development requires developers to be on top of trends and the latest gaming practices to remain competitive. However, many studios will often fall into the trap of making these five common mistakes in the development of their game...

#5 - 4 Habits of Successful Hyper-casual Developers

When it comes to developing a hit hyper-casual game, your chances for success are not entirely based on luck. In our latest article, we identify four key habits successful hyper-casual developers share and how you can employ them in your day-to-day development process.

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