Level-up with Coda’s Latest SDK Release 1.11.0

Coda’s latest SDK Release version 1.11.0 has officially arrived and is jam-packed with new features set to take your game to the next level. Featuring easy to integrate modules, our new features are designed to help optimise the retention and success of your game before launching to market.

Keep reading to discover the latest additions, from notification modules to in-game economics, and how they’ll help shave time off your overall development process.

1.Notifications Module

Notifications are an effective feature that can help to increase the retention of users in your game. The first new module of Coda’s new SDK release allows you to schedule notifications and gives you the ability to enable, disable and configure settings remotely without the need of extra code. Not only does this save valuable time for developers, but it’s also a great tool proven to help increase the stickiness of users over time. 

Some of the capabilities in this module include:

  • Delayed Notification Future: Schedule a notification after x hours after the user left.
  • Local Time Notification Future: Schedule a notification at a consistent local time

2. Game Economic Module

Creating an in-game economy in hyper-casual can deliver another level of depth to your game and improve metrics like retention, user session time and exit rates significantly. However, setting up a shop front and establishing currency is time-consuming, which is why the game economic module is a welcome addition to Coda’s SDK .

The economics module in the new release is a stand-alone system that governs currency inside your game. The module features built-in rewarded placements, a complete UI shop system and includes proven calculations for currency rewards as users progress each level. In addition, it also includes out of the box level complete and level fail scenes. With an easy to use API and clear integration process, you’ll have your storefront up in no time!

a. Level Complete & Fail Screens

b. Shop Screen

Other features of the shop worth mentioning include the ability to earn currency, where players can earn a set amount of currency after watching rewarded video in the shop. To help prompt usage of the store, a notification badge can also become visible when there is enough currency to unlock a shop item or if a new item has been unlocked in the shop. Newly unlocked items will also have a ‘New’ badge displayed until previewed.

Add/Edit/Remove Items Through Unity’s Editor With Ease

Shop Editor is an editor tool to set up the items offered in your in-game store. You can set the preview assets and prefabs to be used in-game, and offer a clear API to easily access those items from anywhere in your code.

Coda’s latest SDK release is designed to take the hard work out of game development through easy to integrate modules. Notifications and in-game currency modules integrate with no code will save you valuable time in the lead up to launching, while remote configuration gives you the power to test and make changes without releasing. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to publish your next game with Coda, reach out to us at to learn more. 

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