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Forge your own path: Join our new self-publishing program

It’s time to answer the call to adventure and take back control of your games. Today, we’re excited to announce our self-publishing program – Golden Cohort – where we’ll choose eight studios to set themselves up with the tools and processes to become truly independent. Those eight will learn as a group, create a community between themselves and have us on hand for any questions.

Over the last few years, it’s become easier to create games. But when it comes to publishing, the industry is sorely lacking. Studios don’t get much say in the games they create, they don’t usually keep the intellectual property, and publishers can take up to 90%. Wouldn’t it be better if you made your own choices?

Golden Cohort is a program that helps you become an independent hyper-casual studio.

Create and test your own concepts

We’ll give you the tools you need to find, validate, test and fine tune your games. We’ll show you how to brainstorm ideas, give you the market insights to do your own research and help you test those concepts. All our tools are available to you, from analytics to automation.

You’ll be able to run as many tests as you like. And with our market research tools, you can improve your success rate by ten times.

Form your own teams

Create a plan to start your own growth team. We’ll help you find, hire and onboard the right people. Alternatively, you might want to train your current team members. By the end of the program, you’ll have your own User Acquisition and Monetization experts to grow your studio. This might be just one person to start, and could be the start of a bigger team in the future. 

In the meantime, we’ll run things for you until you’re set up.

Get help, whenever you need it

As a cohort, you’ll have the other seven studios to learn from. And if you need a hand, our experts will be right by your side. We’ll be there every step of the way, advising you on how to structure your teams, run your tests and set up all the tools that you’ll need.Get financial support and earn more

You’ll keep the majority of the profits from your games. And we’ll give you financial support if you need it, so you can focus on growing your studio without any cash flow worries.

This isn’t a publishing deal

We'll only take a small profit share of any games you launch as part of the program. We don't expect you to have any games lined up and you won’t be tied to us. You can still work with other publishers. And any games you make afterwards are all yours. This is about seeing you through to independence.

If you decide to stick with us afterwards and keep using our tools, we’ll charge an even smaller percentage of the profits. You only pay if you launch a game. No upfront or hidden fees of any kind.

What’s the criteria?

We’re looking for eight ambitious studios that’ll work relentlessly and bring their best people. There are four key criteria:

  • You’ve published at least one game. And it needs to have – or is on track to have – more than five million downloads. This needs to be through an established publisher.
  • You can dedicate one development team. This team needs experience in creating games and we’ll also need a lot of time from your founders.
  • You don’t have any contracts stopping you from self-publishing. So double-check your contracts before you apply.
  • You’ll hire or dedicate one person for growth. This person will be the start of your growth team.

Ready to start calling the shots?

If you want your next launch to be truly yours, then give us a call. We can then set up an interview and see if you’re the right fit for the program.

Apply to the Golden Cohort.

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