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Marketability Testing: Find a game idea that works

This week, we've updated our platform to add Marketability Testing – a space on our platform to test out game ideas before you fully commit. All for free. You can run multiple tests, see how much demand there is for the idea and decide whether it’s worth pursuing. All you need is the name of the game and gameplay video.

Over a hundred games pop up on the US App Store every day. So studios need to trial ideas and release them as quickly as possible. It’s crucial to know whether an idea is worth the effort. And you don’t want to waste any time making that decision.

That’s exactly why we’ve created Marketability Testing. It’ll speed up the process, help you see all your ideas in one place and give you the freedom to experiment.

Run as many tests as you need

You can iterate on an idea to see whether a few small changes makes it viable. Or you can run multiple tests on different ideas all at once. Once you’ve landed on an idea that works, you can bump it into the next stage and start developing it.

We’ll also be on hand with our experts if you need any help.

It’s quick and easy to add a new idea and start your tests.

We’ve split out our old process

We’ll now have two pages on our platform: My Games and Market Testing.

My Games will be for apps we’ve decided to develop and publish. Everything else – marketability testing and ideation – will go under Marketability Testing. This makes it much neater and easier to navigate.

Easily test all your game ideas in one place.

Test concepts as a partner

We’ll also be using Marketability Testing for partners. You’ll use the new tool to submit a prototype for any concept you’ve claimed from our Concept Store. Again, this makes it much quicker and easier to start testing.

Give it a go for free

You can try out Marketability Testing straight away. 

Just head over to codaplatform.com to test your next hit idea.

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