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Creative Insights: Get inspired and learn from the best

Step into probably the best library in the gaming world. Next week, we'll be opening the doors to Creative Insights and launching our beta program. See thousands of creatives from the top charts and our platform, and plunder the depths to discover which ads worked. And which didn’t.

Creative Insights is a hub where we’ve collected together all the ad creatives we could get our hands on from across our network. We then give each a data driven score, so you can find the most successful ones and create a killer creative yourself.

Break down your search

You can filter your results based on the create date or by how successful they’ve been according to our Coda score - but more about that later. Find the best creatives that meet your criteria and see what works for that style of game. Do puzzle games work best with longer ads that show off how hard they are? Do the most successful games tend to use playables? Are there suddenly a lot more racing games? Creative Insights answers these questions and more.

Stay recent, stay relevant

The hyper-casual industry moves fast. Know exactly what’s trending and see how different creatives fare over their lifetime. We refresh Creative Insights every day, so you’ll always find the most up-to-date creatives.

See the score

We’re able to give every creative it’s own unique Coda score. We do this by using our own knowledge and tests of our own games coupled with some clever algorithms. All you need to do is search and you can spot game ideas, best practices and trends.

Join the beta

We’ll be starting with a closed beta for a few of our partner studios. We’ll release it for both partners and other studios soon. Keep an eye out for more news.

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