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Are you ready to make a play for the top charts?

We’ve decided we need to shake up the industry and break the trends. It’s time to give you back control and level the playing field. So we’re making it easier to find, research, test and market your ideas. More options. More insights. More opportunities to find your next top-charting hit.

Let’s look at how we’re bringing everything together to grow your games.

We’re here to help you make a killing, making games

There are too many obstacles in the way of great game studios. In general, you need to invest hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into testing your ideas, researching the market and building a team. Meanwhile, finding ideas and discovering trends can be difficult. Only one in a hundred prototypes survive the first stage of testing. When each prototype takes about two weeks to create, it can take years before you find that first marketable idea. Worse still, the tools to help you find those ideas don’t tend to focus on the hyper-casual industry or don’t show the information you need.

This is a major problem in the industry: it’s become easier and easier to create games, but the business side hasn’t caught up. The tools to research, market and monetize your games are decades out of date. They’re unwieldy, unfocused and restrictive.

That’s got to stop. We want to see you making a livelihood out of what you love. We want to see you gain your independence. Take back control and make a killing, making games. That’s why we’re reshaping the publishing industry. Smashing the barriers and changing up how things are run. That’s why we’re going to change how you build and release games.

We build the tools that help you grow

We’re going to give you back control of your games, help you come up with ideas and move through the game’s lifecycle. Train you up on the skills you’ll need to market your game. And focus on hyper-casual games, so that the data is more relevant to your goals.

It starts with our Interactive Game Brief (IGB)

Bring everything about your game into one place. It’s your team’s hub to catalogue and collaborate about your game, from ideation to acquisition. 

Once you’ve signed up and joined as a partner or through our Golden Cohort (our self-publishing program), you’ll be able to get access to all our tools. And through IGB, you can use all six of our tools. We’ve designed each to be transparent, showing you exactly what data you have, easy to use and more useful than any of the generic tools out there. Over time, you can use more and more of these services, and become more and more independent.

So here they are, in the order you’ll likely use them.

Coda products

The Concept Store

This is a single store-front filled with concepts that you can browse and choose. Pick a pre-vetted concept that we’ve run through testing and you can drop it straight into your Interactive Game Brief and start working on it. And the best thing? These ideas are ten-times more likely to find you success.

Market Intelligence

It’s tough to know what’s popular and trending. What games should you research? With Market Intelligence, you can discover those trends and catch them early. Inspire your ideation and research your competitors.

Creative Insights

A vast library of all the adverts from the top-charting games. All those creatives in one place, so you can research what works and what doesn’t. Is it best to show someone winning, then failing, in your ad? Or maybe three failures in a row? Creative Insights shows you not only the best creatives, but helps you find what style of ad is trending.

Marketability Test

Will your idea sell? Once you’ve got your creatives sorted, it’s time to test. See how many people click your ads and install your game (whether that’s through Facebook or Tik Tok). Keep track of the data you’ll need to figure out your strategy and grow your studio.

Our SDKs

Now you’ve released a successful game, we have a host of meta-mechanics you can plug into your game to save you time, and help monetize your titles. All out of the box, with no need to program anything new. Need in-game currencies? Access to Unity or Adjust? What about a shopfront? Just plug it all in, with one SDK. Easy peasy.


Optimize your bids, so you always make the most from your ad space. And why have a team, when GrowthCloud can do the work of ten user acquisition managers. If you’re part of our Golden Cohort, you can acquire more users, manage your budget and monetize your game. All automatically. GrowthCloud will handle it all.

Get the data you need, when you need it

Behind the scenes, we’ve brought together our vast data-lake – filled with anonymous information about the gaming industry from multiple sources – and developed a machine learning algorithm that can predict, automate decisions and report on the data you need.

Need a hand? We’ll still be around.

Along your journey to independence, you might need advice or technical support. Whatever it is, we’ll still be around to help. Keep control, but don’t be afraid to ask for our help. Our experts can help you set up your services, teach you how to use our tools or give you pointers on how to run your own ideation.

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