Access hundreds of hyper-casual creatives to spark your ideation

We’ve been busy-bodies here at Coda. Over the last few months, we’ve released a few new products to help developers and studios research, develop, and publish their own games. (Check out our last blog to get the details on our mission and changes.) 

A couple weeks back, we chatted about our Concept Store. Now, we want to shine a light on Creative Insights. It’s a suite of ad creatives from the top-charting games (think of it like a library). And it’s specifically for hyper-casual creatives.

Our goal is to make your research a heck of a lot easier, power your ideation, and help you spot key trends to give you that competitive edge. And give you that power, for free.

So let’s go over the details.

It’s a hyper-casual ad library

We’ve rounded up all the top creatives that leading studios have made, combined with those that are currently trending in the top charts. We add hundreds of new creatives each month, and give them a data-driven score. So you can filter through and create a killer creative yourself. 

What’s great is that it’s the only place you’ll find a library dedicated to hyper-casual creatives. We’ve built the Creative Insights with that mission in mind. You can search by specific games, whether they hit the top charts, release date, even ones that have under-performed (knowing what works is half the battle, researching what to avoid is vital, too).

It saves you time testing and polishing concepts

You need to test concepts to see if they’ll be successful. Brainstorming, crafting the creatives, and testing each one in itself can take weeks, if not months, of your time. 

Creative insights can help you cut corners with each stage. Here’s how: 

  • Brainstorming: Rather than playing hundreds of games, you can review ads from the top-charting games instead. Each ad is usually a simple and quick summary of what that game is. So this is an effective way to get your creative juices flowing. 
  • Crafting creatives: Say you have an idea. Now you need to whip up the creatives to test it. By researching good (and bad) creatives, you can give yourself a starting point of what to avoid and what to focus on. You can spot key trends among the great, which’ll give yourself a better chance when testing.
  • Testing: Finally, looking at the most successful ads can help you figure out how to test your own. Perhaps you’ve spotted a couple of great trends? Or maybe you have a hunch about an under-performing one? This will help you narrow down what to test, and how.

It helps with the psychology behind ads

It’s no secret that psychology plays a big role in gaming, and specifically hyper-casual games. This is even more important in your ads. For example, there are trends like showing a player get two wins and then a fail, or showing a win, then two fails. These spark off emotions in the reader, and make them think: “You know, I could do better than that.” 

People can’t help but want to fix something or do it correctly when they see someone doing it wrong. So even if it’s obvious, this psychological trend of watching someone win, win, and then fail can be irresistible.

But trends are fleeting

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. The win-win-fail sequence might be hot today. But tomorrow, it could be someone failing three times instead. These trends can evolve or die out quickly. So you’ll need to be on the ball if you want to stand out in the crowd.

A new concept can shake things up

We touched on this above a little. But this really deserves it’s own section. 

Just like a new psychology trend can mix things up, so can an entirely new concept. It’s ever changing. And an ad that worked for your previous game may not take off for your next one. 

Creative Insights solves this issue. It helps you keep on top of these trends, and let’s you stay on top of your game. Creatives can take a while to create, and the last thing you want is to be drafting up a beautiful ad that was never going to succeed.

Creative Insights ties into our Interactive Games Brief

The Interactive Games Brief is where it all starts. It brings together all of your moving parts (every step of your journey) into one place. You don’t lose your way. And project management suddenly becomes easy. 

Creative Insights is a part of this. You can learn more about what’s there in our last update.

Join our partner program to get started

Creative insights is one of the many features you can unlock by either joining our partner program, or applying for our Golden Cohort program. Submit your game here and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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