How we helped Hoop World reach half a million installs

On 22 October, the game studio, Tapped, launched Hoop World – a basketball game where you dunk increasingly impressive baskets. And over the last month, they’ve had a slam dunk themselves: it had over half a million installs, reached 4.7 stars on iOS with over 6,500 reviews and hit #4 on the App Store in the US for sports games.

We’re incredibly proud of Tapped – not least because they’re the first studio to go through our Golden Cohort program. As one of our Golden Cohort partners, we worked with Tapped on refining the idea, developing the game and teaching them how to grow and scale the game.

Speaking with our publishing manager, Ozan Daldal, we can see how we made this achievement together.

We put them in the driver’s seat

The main objective of the Golden Cohort is to let the developer take the wheel and learn to drive themselves. We’re there, alongside them, giving recommendations and supporting them in how to get to their destination. But they have the freedom to be creative and they get to see absolutely everything.

We explain when actions or reactions are necessary. And we teach them how to grow their studio themselves. Alongside that, we help them through financial support.

“The Golden Cohort program has helped us develop a deeper understanding into the world of hyper-casual game launches,” said Tapped’s CEO. “With a traditional publisher, you don’t really know what’s going on with the user acquisition or the monetization strategy and results. But with Coda, we’ve been able to see everything. They’ve been really open and communicative from the very start.”

We gave them the tools to test

By joining the Golden Cohort, we could guide Tapped through the process, give them the tools they needed to test everything and decide how to continue. Tapped was familiar with developing games, they have two under their belt already. But they were less familiar with the process after the launch.

When they came to us, they had a concept for a mechanic. But they were exploring a suitable theme. So over the course of the Golden Cohort, there were three key areas we helped them with:

Idea stage: The concept.

We tested the mechanic using different themes, seeing which one got the most traction. Our tests revealed that a basketball theme was the most popular variation for the mechanic, with a remarkable retention of around 50%.

Development stage: Features.

Through our tech gateway, Coda SDK, we could help Tapped to A/B test various ideas and features of the game while they developed it. While players were already extremely engaged with the game, we continued to test to understand how bonus levels or fail scenarios would affect the game. Through this, we managed to increase the life-time value (LTV) by 5% with A/B tests.

Launch stage: Marketing.

We helped them create marketing videos and test which ones would bring in the most new players. We also gave the information they needed to make decisions and see whether their game was profitable. And taught them how to scale.

In the end, we’re incredibly proud of the work Tapped has done on Hoop World. And we’ll continue to work with them to see it grow even more.

Do you have a game idea?

We’re here to help you create your game and build it into a successful title. So if you’d like to join our Golden Cohort, learn how to become an independent studio, and get the financial support and tools you need to grow, get in touch.

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