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John’s 10 other favourite mobile games

John Wright is our head of Developer growth and really loves games. So much so that when I asked him for his favourite mobile games, he couldn’t resist adding console games as well. Here’s his story:

Gaming has been part of my life as long as I can remember, I was gifted my first console (Commodore 64) when I was 5 years old as a hand-me-down for my favourite cousin, soon after that I developed a fiery passion for everything that had a controller and buttons. I went from Commodore to Atari to Sega Master System to NES to Nintendo Gameboy in short succession, every new system brought more adventures and escapism from the everyday life of a young boy growing up in East London. The Gameboy especially made an impact on me, the fact I could play games on the go was mystifying, who would have known this simple device was the early dawn of mobile gaming. I’ve been heavily invested, both personally and professionally, in this huge arena of fun most of my life and have played 1000’s of games over the years. Today I’m going to share with you my top 10 games in no particular order:

Final Fantasy 7 — Square Enix

The easiest one in my selection, my favourite game of all time, a true masterpiece of the PS1 era and my only “paid” game in the list. Whilst it is a console port the controls are easy to handle even on an iPhone which undoubtedly as a gamer is normally a major concern for any mobile port. The story, character development, materia system, FMV’s and traditional turn-based fighting style is immortal in my opinion. Cloud and co are being brought back to life in one of the biggest gaming remakes in history with the relaunch of FFVII:Remake on PS4 this year, why not play this version on the go now whilst in preparation for the (delayed) launch?

Angry Birds II — Rovio

Angry birds is the biggest Mobile First IP in the industry today in my opinion, the games resulted in a franchise of toys and movies for Rovio, however, it all began with flinging different birds with attack patterns at different structures trying to destroy your arch-nemesis The Pigs! This is one of the very few sequel titles that unquestionably beats the original (and spawned a multitude of spin offs versions including Star Wars and Transformers IP’s). A true timeless masterpiece which I find myself revisiting when traveling or those “what to play now?” moments.

King’s League II — Kurechii

The only title in my list which is available only on Apple Arcade. Whilst I never played the original I cannot imagine it would hold a flame to the sequel. This is potentially the only game in the past two years that I’ve played from front to back and scratching my itch for a more traditional level ’em up, JRPG style game with side quests and warts and all gameplay. Definitely challenging at points with ultimate weapon and relic style quests having to be attempted after much grinding through tournaments and storyline battles.

Sonic the Hedgehog — Sega

The old speed ball and rings (ball and chain), possibly the first game that I truly bonded with as a child on my Sega Master System, the game that still gives me nightmares of drowning as not finding an air bubble in the Labyrinth Zone. Whilst another console port, I feel like the controls were improved drastically over the first year of Sega launching it on mobile, now it’s another title that I find myself revisiting when nostalgia is calling me. I still find the utmost gratification when getting to the end of a zone and beating doctor Robotnik (Eggman) and progressing on the next area to face another array of challenges and new enemies to try and defeat.

Helix Jump — Voodoo

A true titan of mobile gaming, 300m+ downloads in 2018 alone, the infamous Helix Jump by Voodoo. This title single handedly gave 100’s of developers an idea to change their mobile strategy and move to the green pastures of Hyper Casual. I don’t think there’s a better game out there for passing a few minutes of time, the concept is easy to understand and follow but hard to master at the latter levels, colour sequences change regularly so you definitely feel the progression through out and ultimately stay hooked trying to outdo your previous best score.

Gwent — CD Projekt Red

As a huge The Witcher fan (both from console gaming and the new Netflix TV show) it’s a must have here, I spent hours building out my deck and playing against people on the console version so now the fact that I get to play against other actual people opened an entire new universe of pleasure beating other, seemingly weaker to start and harder later, opponents. Whether your deck includes mythical monsters or black drabbed nilfgaardians the game play, card collection and PvP system will keep you hooked and going back for more (just don’t get too hooked as you can easily spend big on IAP).

Call of Duty: Mobile — Activision / Tencent

A game that I never thought would really happen, the development took from what I know of well over 2 years to complete and I’m glad it did. A major concern for me with MMO style games on mobile is the fact that the amount of data/wifi strength needed to result in non glitching smooth game play and no “ARGH I’m lagging” moments which thankfully hasn’t happened to me yet. The title takes all the best bits from the more well known console version into the smaller screen giving hours of fun heavy battle sequences, just don’t use a landmines unless you’re one of “those people”.

Pokemon Go! — Niantic

Imagine this, it’s summer 2016, a group of late 20’s early 30’s friends are all in the pub enjoying sweet conversation over a beverage. No, it was a time of friends buying portable chargers and walking their dogs 3 times a day, fixated on trying to catch the rarest Pokemon they could and getting to that magical 151 first generation number. Whilst the years have gone by, more generations of Pokemon have landed and even though I don’t play every day like I used to, I do play from time to time and the endless catalogue of Pocket Monsters to collect is incredible. This game is a true star appealing to both men and women and children of all ages, sadly Harry Potter: Wizard Unite wasn’t a follow up for Niantic but having even one game like this in your portfolio is enough to make you a billion dollar gaming company.

Plank — Kwalee

A game that’s very close to my heart, during my tenure at ironSource I worked very close with the team at Kwalee on dozens of titles and this was probably my favorite. The mechanic was simple but truly effective, hitting the timing and getting that “Perfect” was sublime, the competitive edge and need to go further than ever before to save those poor trapped animals from the cages was real to me. We had droves of people internally playing the game all trying to unlock that final animal which if I remember right was a score of 5000+ and I achieved under half of that. My favourite Hyper Casual game of all time.

Johnny Trigger — SayGames

I’m not sure what’s more addictive, the awesome gameplay or the thumping techno music and echoing sound of “headshot” every now that happens in beat when you nail a bad guy. SayGames have done wonders in their first year and this is by far my favourite title from them. I’m still doing backflips, baseball slides and hunting down bosses whilst trying to find that DragonBall Z Vegeta costume and laser gun that I’ve seen on Instagram but I’m sure it will be around the corner and in my possession soon….

Notable mentions:
Flippy Knife — Oleg Beresnev
Fortnite — Epic Games
Arena of Valor — Tencent
Paint Hit — MAG interactive
Duel Links — Konami


Rope Rescue passes 22 million downloads

Our first published mobile game, Rope Rescue, was released late in 2019 and became an instant global hit, reaching number in 14 countries on the iOS App Store.

A few months later and it’s still going strong thanks to some great work by our UA team and just recently passed 22 million downloads!

We’re looking to work with more developer partners to create the next hit mobile game. To Start your journey with Coda, sign up on the website.


How our 3rd title hit Top 10 US & UK Charts in less than a week

As I’m writing this, our third game release, Color Combo! is sitting in the top 10 of the US app store games chart and top 2 in the UK both in the overall category and the games category. Not to mention number 1 in Board Games category in both countries.

Color Combo! is sitting in the top 10 of the US app store games chart and number 2 in the UK overall

Color Combo!’s success follows hotly on the heals of our two releases Rope Rescue that went into the top 10 and Pipeline 3D that pushed the top 40 . The more games we release the more we deliver on our promise to launch more games of all sizes from developers around the world.

So if you think you’ve got a great mobile game that got rejected by other publishers or if you haven’t even spoken to a publisher yet, sign up at Coda to submit your game.


Top Mobile Games from Marketing at Coda

Jon Bishop is the Head of Marketing for Coda, based in our London office. We asked him about his favourite all time mobile games and his choices didn't disappoint. Hopefully you'll some games to download and play from his list of favourites.

Battle Cats

Truly one of the best games I've ever played, Battle Cats kept me hooked for months on end. The graphics are hilariously bad, the game is full of what-the-hell-is-that moments but the game itself is really great. Super easy to start but it gets really hard over time and is surprisingly strategic.

Head Ball 2

While game makers have been trying to come up with ways to create realistic, Fifa type football games in 3D space for mobile, Head Ball comes along and says, nope we just need 2 characters with giant head and a side on view. Game play is really fun though.

Battle Cats

Truly one of the best games I've ever played, Battle Cats kept me hooked for months on end. The graphics are hilariously bad, the game is full of what-the-hell-is-that moments but the game itself is really great. Super easy to start but it gets really hard over time and is surprisingly strategic.


Arguably the most talked about game of 2019, Archero combined mid-core, RPG and hyper casual core loops to create a whole new type of game. And it works really well but in terms of game play for the user and monetization for the company. Definitely one of my favourite games of 2019.


If, like me, you were thinking that you really like Tetris but it could do with more action then Slydris is the game for you. The graphics haven't dated well since 2012 but if you can get past the 'awesome' fonts and bevelled artwork, you might just find it as addictive as I did.

Fish out of Water

Fun artwork and you get to see how far you can throw various types of sea creatures. What's not to love?