Coda’s Latest Releases: Juicy Stack & Balls Master

This past week the Coda team has been working hard with studios, Loop Games and Original Games, to publish not only one but TWO new exciting titles!

Balls Master and Juicy Stack are the latest titles to be launched by Coda, with the mobile games already generating impressive metrics and top-chart positions around the world in less than a week!

Balls Master is a game with beautifully designed visuals and dynamic levels, requiring patience & accuracy from players.

A simple yet entertaining concept, players are required to destroy all cubes by aiming and firing balls before the cubes reach the bottom of the screen in true Space Invaders fashion. With in-game currency allowing you to score power-ups and revive lives, the game has already generated impressive metrics.

Retention rate of players at Day 7 sits at an impressive 30%, with 33% of revenues being generated from In-app purchases alone!

Juicy Stack is a delicious new mobile game that delivers a fresh new concept for mobile gamers. Best described as Tetris meets Fruit Ninja, Juicy Stack from Original Games is bursting with colour as players race against time to chip away at their slowly growing fruit tower.

Juicy Stack has already hit top chart positions in Overall Games in numerous countries including the UK, Japan, Sweden, Australia & Canada, with Day 7 retention sitting at a strong 20%.

So what are you waiting for? Try Juicy Stack and Balls Master for free today on the Appstore!

If you're looking to publish your next game or have a great concept, then we'd love to see it! Submit your game to the Coda team and get one step closer to launching your game.


How Coda’s Latest SDK Release Gets your Game Lift-off Ready

For many mobile game creators, particularly smaller studios or indie developers, creating a game from scratch is time consuming. Coda’s latest SDK release, v1.4, aims to simplify and speed up a lot of these processes for game creators.: The Firebase-integrated SDK houses modules designed to help developers build more games faster.


Coda raises $4m seed funding from LVP to grow out mobile game publishing platform

LONDON — January 29, 2020 — Coda, the first end-to-end publishing platform built to transform how free-to-play and casual mobile games are brought to market, has raised $4 million in seed financing from sector-expert VC firm LVP. The company also announced that LVP general partner David Lau-Kee will be joining the Coda board of directors. The sizable seed funding will be used to scale Coda’s operations, grow its team and partner roster, and to add features to the Coda platform. Developers can download the Coda SDK and start building now at

Coda’s mission is to empower game makers around the world to make a living doing what they love

“Coda’s mission is to empower game makers around the world to make a living doing what they love — making games,” said Sekip Can Gokalp, founder and CEO, Coda. “We couldn’t be happier to have LVP’s support and sector expertise to help make Coda the essential platform for developers and players of mobile games.”

Over the last decade, game development has been undergoing democratization, allowing small teams from virtually any location to quickly create and share casual mobile experiences with players around the world. However, more often than not, under-resourced developers and small teams are at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring new users, applying data science and analytics to improve their games, or monetizing their games to make a living. The free Coda SDK is a groundbreaking way to level the playing field for game creators by taking care of many complicated and time consuming tasks needed to launch a successful mobile game, drastically reducing development time and costs. The platform gives developers of all sizes the sophisticated publishing tools and expert support they need to make their games successful. Creators get to concentrate on building great games, while Coda takes care of the rest.

LVP shares Coda’s vision for supporting an increasingly diverse and global community of developers

“LVP shares Coda’s vision for supporting an increasingly diverse and global community of developers who are focused on making great casual mobile game experiences,” said David Lau-Kee, General Partner, LVP. “The next big game idea could literally come from any corner of the globe, and platforms like Coda will be essential in helping these developers bring their ideas to life and connecting them with players.”

The Coda platform gives developers a suite of powerful tools to support them at every stage of a game’s lifecycle, whether they’re looking to refine their game concept, optimize their feature set and difficulty, or preparing their game for user acquisition campaigns, launch, and monetization.. The platform can also help developers test their concepts, track competitive games, and streamline the creative process to find new ideas faster.

To date, small development teams including the studios behind mobile games Rope RescueColor Combo and Pipeline 3D have used Coda to tune and launch their games. Combined, they have hit the 10 top in over 100 countries and surpassed 30 million installs.