With Coda, you’re 11x more likely to see success

By using our Concepts Store, you can be sure to be on course for a hit game

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Using the concept store, you’ll see market success 11 times more often than the industry average.
Before you even choose a concept, we’ve already tested the idea and scored it. So you can pick one with confidence.

Stack the odds in your favour

We’ve tested every concept in our store to make sure that they’re going to sell. While nothing is ever certain, we’ve proven that by choosing a concept from the store, you’re ten times more likely to pass your first marketability test. Which makes getting to the launch day much smoother.

Remove the guesswork

The riskiest part of any development is knowing whether the concept will actually resonate with players. So rest assured that the concept you choose is a marketable idea. We take public data to score how successful a concept might be and make it clear and simple, so you always know how much risk you’re taking.

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Have a good concept of your own, but don’t have the time to create it yourself? You can sell prototypes on the concept store and let another studio take on the development. Or you can partner up with other studios to work on a title together. Join the community and succeed, together.

Where do you get your ideas from?

If you’ve ever struggled with coming up with an idea, we’ve made it easy.
Pick and choose from hundreds of concepts in our concept store.

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