How Blendy! Became a top hyper-casual mobile game

Insights into Blendy!

"Blending fruit is really satisfying. The designers make great use of sound and haptic feedback. ASMR type, relaxing mechanisms are all the rage right now in free to play mobile games."

- Max, Coda's Gaming Expert

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Ad Creatives used for Blendy!

Sticking to the winning formula of showing in game music and using bold titles and emojis that sum up the game well, the team at Lion Studios have done a great job of maximising the effectiveness of their key ad creative

Blendy! Artwork Insights

A really excellent use of colours and fun fonts really sets this game apart the riff raff out there. It’s clear that this artwork was designed by a professional and would definitely contribute to greater ASO performance in both app stores.

Lessons learnt from Blendy’s mobile Game success

It really pays off to stay on top of the latest games trends and trending mechanics as Lion Studios has done so well here. Relaxation and satisfying type games are all the rage at the time of them publishing this. Very professional graphics, game play and creatives have also helped in their success.

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