How Rope Rescue topped the mobile games charts in 14 countries on the App Store

Rope Rescue was a rare gem

"It's not every day that you find an entertaining concept with great metrics - Rope Rescue was that rare gem for us. Early metrics were promising, indicating strong retention rates and CPI. It was the uniqueness of the core mechanic that helped Bigger Studio to hit charts worldwide with 20m+ downloads."

- Cemal, Coda's Gaming Expert

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Ad Creatives used for Rope Rescue

The main objective of Rope Rescue is to transport your characters safely from point A to B via a rope. But be careful! There are a number of obstacles that will try to obstruct your path.

In ad creatives for Rope Rescue, the creatives showing video gameplay of failed scenarios outperformed any other creatives.

Blendy! Artwork Insights

An excellent set of colours and fun fonts really set this game apart from current competitors in the App stores. The artwork is professionally designed and shows key variations in different levels of the game - all in all contributing to a greater ASO performance in both app stores.

Lessons learnt from Rope Rescue's mobile Game success

There is still room for 2D games in the hyper-casual category if the mechanics are innovative enough. Different art styles can make your game stand out amongst competitors as seen in Rope Rescue with their unique levels handcrafted in a casual 2D style. Alongside the graphic style, soft currency/earning multiplier (the offer after you earn some coins from bonus level) boosted RV performance.

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