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Run as many tests as you like. Marketability Test is a space to trial out ideas before you fully commit. On any platform.

Is your idea worth the effort?

Hundreds of games are released every day. That’s a lot of competition.
So see whether your idea is likely to be a success and make sure you’re spending your time wisely.

Start a bidding war

You don’t need to stick with us. You get all the metrics and can head out and pitch your game idea to publishers. Get your results and prove your idea works.

Find the idea that works

You can iterate on your ideas, try out different mechanics and even run multiple tests at once for different games. All for free.

Keep everything together

Submit games for testing on multiple platforms without needing separate accounts. Figure out which platform is best and make sure you enter the right markets. All from one place.

Get started in minutes

Just give us the name and a video of the gameplay. We’ll run the tests. Easy.

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