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When you publish a game with us, you’re ten times more likely to succeed.
Not only do we guide you through the process, but we give you the tools to find the best concepts, test out your ideas and create the best game possible.


Choose from proven hit game concepts to build


Benefit from competitive revenue opportunities


Fast-track your game to publishing

Never miss an opportunity

With us, you’ll see market success 11 times more often than the industry average.

See what works – Test your ideas with our self-service platform. And get feedback in near real time.

Discover what’s coming – Spot emerging trends, choose a concept and find your next game. Our ideation tools show you what works and what doesn’t.

It’s dangerous to go alone

We’re here. Whether you’re integrating our SDK, testing your retention or optimizing your design – our team is with you from idea to launch.

Earn revenue from your prototype, even if you don’t publish

We recognise your time is valuable. So we’ll give you opportunities to make money from your successful prototypes.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

Applying to join the Coda Partner Program is simple! Please complete our application form and our publishing team will be in touch shortly with potential next steps. 

Coda’s Partner Program is designed to help fastrack your ideation process by giving you access to hit game ideas, expert game development support from our team and the potential to earn money from your submissions.

So how does it work?

    1. Coda shares a number of predicted hit concepts with proven high marketability on a regular basis.
    2. Partner Studios then choose any one of these concepts to develop a playable prototype with 3-4 levels.
    3. Once built, Partner Studios submit their build to Coda where we will set up a marketability test.

      We take care of the creative production for you and give you full transparency to the results of these tests!

    4. If your test achieves 35+ IPM, we will work with you to develop a full prototype fit for retention and monetisation testing.

It’s important to note that all of our Partner Studio’s have their own Publishing Manager working with them individually through each stage of our program, to ensure they get the best possible results in each game project.

Coda’s Partner Program is accepting applications from studios of all sizes who are experienced in hyper-casual game development for IOS systems.

Our program is perfect for studios who:

  • – Want to publish fun hyper-casual games and get rewarded for it
  • – May be struggling with coming up with good ideas on their own
  • – Want to fast track their ideation processes
As a Partner Studio in Coda’s Partner Program, you’re required to:
  • – Regularly work on high marketability concepts (minimum 2 submissions per month)
  • – Follow the guidelines set by Coda’s publishing team in each stage of development
  • – Hit 20% success rate or submit a minimum of 1 prototype with 35+ IPM in 3 months (if submitting 2 builds per month)

⭐️ Partner Studio Success ⭐️

Mubeen Iqbal, Arcadian Lab​

“The high quality of the Coda Platform in comparison to other publishers was something that stood out to us. The hyper-casual landscape can be competitive and saturated at times, and Coda’s program releases promising concepts that make it easy for us to focus on the concepts that actually work.”

Real Drive 3D​


Take the fast track.
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