Free your creativity

The Coda SDK is a Unity plugin that frees you up to create great game play by taking care of all the time consuming gaming modules and integrations

You build the levels, we'll take care of the rest

There are a lot of different integrations, adaptors and core gaming modules required to launch a successful mobile game. Getting them all installed in one go is as easy as entering your developer key into the installer and the Coda SDK takes care of the rest.

Better experience for your players

You don't have to have deep knowledge of each and every SDK, drastically increasing time to launch, reducing bugs and increasing the quality and player experience of your game.

Monetization, Attribution and Analytics all included

Monetization with MoPub

The Coda SDK takes care of the Mopub integration as well as automatically setting up all the adaptors to the various monetization networks.

Attribution with Adjust

Adjust is the industry leader in mobile attribution and the Coda SDK will automatically set it up for your game to ensure your users are properly tracked and attributed.

Analytics with
GameAnalytics & Firebase

Understand who your users are and what they get up to in your game with the SDK's pre-built integrations with GameAnalytics and Firebase.

Serve the most profitable ads

The ad manager module maximises your game's potential profits by using machine learning to serve the most profitable ad unit at the right time from any of the integrated networks.

Mobile games core element modules

Game play is all you need to focus on. When it's time to build out the core gaming elements, simply drag and drop what you need into your game with our UI content editor.

  • In-game economic feedback
  • The Shop
  • In-game currencies
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Sound toggles
  • Level Map
  • And many more!

Build your next game quicker than ever before