You focus on gameplay, we’ll do the rest

Grow your mobile game, reach your potential and use our tools and platform to create and self-publish your next hit. You’re in control.

Take back control

From self publishing to standard publishing Coda’s Platform and tools power you to create your next big hit.

Become a partner studio and contribute to our over 100,000,000 installs.

Marketability. Retention. Launch. We’ve got it all in one place.
So you can reach the top of the charts, too.

Publishing the way you want it

Self publish or take the traditional route. It’s your choice. Either way, get a hands-on team of experts to coach you every step of the way.

Look under the hood – We’re 100% transparent with our data. So dive in and drive your game to first place.

Never miss an opportunity

Our tools make it ten times more likely you’ll find success.

See what works now – Test your ideas with our self-service platform. And get feedback in near real time.

Discover what’s coming – Spot emerging trends, choose a concept and find your next game. Our ideation tools show you what works and what doesn’t.

Let our robots do the grunt work

Our GrowthCloud uses AI to automatically optimize everything from your monetization to user acquisition.

Plug into the tools you want – SDK is a one-stop shop for all your services, including MoPub, Unity, Firebase and more.

Learn from the network – GrowthCloud mines the information from across our platform to give you the best results.

Get transparent reports – See all the data about your games in a single hub. Use it to A/B test, run reports and improve your games.

Studios love Coda

“One thing I like about Coda than other studios is that they are transparent.”

“You have created a tool that provides a valuable insight into the reality of the market.”

“Working with Coda through every step of making Rope Rescue ensured our game was launched more quickly and achieved bigger results, pushing it to #1 in 14 countries”.

“The platform looks very good and it’s intuitive 🙂 You’ve done a fantastic job!”

“Yeah but you really did all you could, you managed to lower CPI TO UNREAL NUMBERS!”

“The platform has very clear instructions, I have already added your business id in the business manager.”

“I’ve looked around your dashboard and it looks like a really good place to have a lot of information.”

Ready to launch yourself to the top charts?

Have an idea

Have an idea

Grab one of the shelf or bring your own.

Test it out

Test it out

Use our marketability tests to see if it’ll work.

Get ready

Get ready

Develop and fine-tune your game.

Lift off!

Lift off!

We’ll take care of the rest.

You focus on gameplay, we’ll do the rest

Grow your mobile game, reach your potential and use our tools and platform to create and self-publish your next hit. You’re in control.

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